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You know you're Emo when...

Hello Emos and Emoettes.

We're Liz and Suzy. We both have Livjournal Names....and we are both better than you.

Countesschocula "http://www.livejournal.com/users/countesschocula"

Thats suzy. She's got dark hair with a heart to match.

I'm Callmecheezcube

Thats me. The one with the blonde hair. But don't expect me to be perky because I'd rather bite your head off with my molars and eat your insides with a spork.....then cry about it later.

We both cry.

We both have therapists. They aren't working.

So, supposedly we are Emo.

Why? Well....

*Liz is Emo because of the destruction caused by her family at an early age.

*Suzy is Emo because of those damn pink rimmed glasses in the third grade that she never got over. ( And the mullet.)

Liz never had a mullet. She was chubby though.

So....you think your emo, right?

Well, if you match up to any of these annoying cliched statements, you probably are.

And we are terribly sorry about that.


~You own Courdroy pants, a thrift store shirt that says, "Miss Mulligan's 5th Grade Class", and a pair of Dickies....and that's what you wear everyday of your damn life.

~They find you huddled in the corner of the potato chip aisle of the local supermarket after being declared missing for 3 days, and your explaination is that, "You were thinking about your ex-girlfriend, got lost, and were afraid to ask for directions."

~You go to "shows" of really shitty whiney bands to escape the "pressure" of daily life.

~You write poetry that has to do with your heart bleeding and miscellaneous midwest towns.

~Your famous for saying, "Please, Don't Yell..." in a soft tone after the person told you, "Yeah, the bathrooms down on the left side of the hallway."

~You are vegitarian because, "animals have feelings too."

~You drive a Lumina, Oldsmobile, K-Car, or Escort in either blue or old people gold.

~You walk pigieon-toed sticking your skinny little chest out.

~Your name is noah, lucas, eli, or stu.

~You name is charity, Becca, or Jane.

~You would get gas, but you have no money, and working at McDonalds is too social, and destracts you from your everyday poetic introspection.

~Your day isn't complete without tears.

~You crave the taste of tears more than chocolate, sushi, or rasin bran.

~You eat sushi, tofu, or all natural granola.

~You own two or more livejournals. One for feelings and introspective, One for emotions and retrospective.

~You end your entry because you have that craving to cry.
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