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Let the bands rejoice

You certainly cannot have a brilliant tear jerking emo band without a delightfully morbid emo name.

Our sound is like, indie-core noise, post-punk, pre-pop, sadistic-crying-core-hard-wave emo-metal with a twist. When we get our cool website up, you'll have to tell us what you think. But first, we need a name. Help!

This is all we've thought up so far. If you have any other ideas, leave em here, or AIM at: xWritexThexRainx, or also these screen names
xkissxthisxsky, xcandidxsighsx, xmakexformationx, xhelpxscoffx, . ..thanks!

So after taking into these considerations:

Emo band names like:
Obscure towns in the midwest
anything with words slightly retro or mod sounding
parts of the body, especially ones that like to get hurt or emotionally wrecked
cliches that are rewritten to sound upsetting or more depressingly true
anything about stars, hearts, hot, red, or days of the week or month
any "projects"
or two words that sound like they should've never been put together.
It also looks cooler to not capitalize anything that should be

With these ideas streaming through our minds, we've decided to name our emo band. . . .

here are the contestants
soap melodic
kiss me blindfolded
stanford prize patroll
we got two right now
dying in your arms
whatever happened to alan almond
random side note
your my breath (which is also a fantastic screen name: xyourxmyxbreath)
we bleed
Ride till dawn
wire rimmed spleen, (can also incorporate various body parts such as: elbow, patella, dimples, etc.)
what would you name it
the stars were my tears
the seperate constellation project
heart in the face of fear
so be it
west aptitude
jolly tearmen
disturbance of the faculty
55 miles to andover
Severed Tries
brave demise
manufactured commodity
wreckless realism
she can, though
Sunday's Weather
soiled tidings
burning july
those red strings
where you want to be
tear clear
oh so skillfully
forgive me
assault the brave
Smashing a holiday
admit peril
capturing candace
argyle heartbreak
Mid-West Sanction Project
second hand shoplifter
five finger heartache
dull nude steed
sweater front drive
i regret intelligence
shed help
ill humored suit
clip on overcoat
Eating Unknown
room to improve
avid attraction
hoagies for the homeless
starving nevada
the dover hamtime project
remind me thursday
heart over hide
the smell of
What Happened to Hector
one inch prick
scar seal
lowely fates
straighter forward
forgetting friday
all star lineup
great idea
they fought innocence
come on over
lest i tell lester
through the rain
liked your shoes forever
I hate yestarday
heart, head, to rio
The Greenstreet-bayou project
bountiful ailments
you are so much more
i tried today
left on the right
So skillfully maiden fair
frame my winter smile
heroic tragedy
help scoff
candid sigh
kiss the sky

*Tell the buttsweat what you think!

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