We're Emo, and You're Not. (emobuttsweat) wrote,
We're Emo, and You're Not.

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Stab my insides and eat them with a fork, please.

To make it known....

Moulin Rouge is an awful movie, so is the unoriginal music.

Whoever agrees with it's ignorant plot has been jaded.

Whoever thinks love is like that has never had their heartbroken or stabbed in with a plastic spork, just to have someone watch and laugh. Whoever hasn't had that is lucky.

Whoever hasn't isn't cool, and emo.

It's happened to us, but we don't give a shit.

We don't need guys who will wear matching Argyle sweaters and take us to Hot Rod Circuit concerts. We don't need a guy to sing us acoustic Get Up Kids songs.

Fuck life....where is my prozac?
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