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"The roof is on fire, we don't need no water let the mutha fuc** burn..."

blueicecreambaby: did I tell you I got cast in the musical?
ScreenMcName: wha???
blueicecreambaby: yeah im in the musical
ScreenMcName: like in real life??
blueicecreambaby: yah
ScreenMcName: ummmm...how did that happen?
blueicecreambaby: i asked if i could play the part, she said, sure youd be great
ScreenMcName: which part??
blueicecreambaby: im the roof
ScreenMcName: sweet!!
blueicecreambaby: yeah
ScreenMcName: thats my favorite part!
ScreenMcName: ya gotta have a strong head though
blueicecreambaby: i thought that part would have been taken for sure
ScreenMcName: to be fiddled on so long
ScreenMcName: you'd think, wouldn't ya?
blueicecreambaby: i figure i can build up my head strength before opening night
blueicecreambaby: doing exercises and whatnot
ScreenMcName: a lot of gum chewing should help
blueicecreambaby: yeah
blueicecreambaby: thats what she said

ScreenMcName: i mean, a freakin roof!
blueicecreambaby: seriously, im a roof
ScreenMcName: thats a lot of responsibility
blueicecreambaby: not many people can say they held up the fiddler
ScreenMcName: thats what i'm sayin
ScreenMcName: your certainly in a minority
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