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Welcome to the town that you will paint Argyle...

Ahhhhh....home sweet home...

The Township of Emo is located in Lash Township, Ontario, along the Rainy River, directly north of the state of Minnesota.

The closest bridge connecting the two countries is located at Fort Frances, which is approximately 30 minutes from Emo. Another international bridge is located in Rainy River, approximately 40 minutes west from Emo.

Emo provides a full range of services including a school, hospital, library, bank, medical & dental clinics, recreation centre, commerce and waterfront development to the growing, dynamic community. This provides a desirable atmosphere for individuals employed in other industries outside of Emo, but wanting to live in a rural environment.

The Township of Emo's existence is based on natural resources (agriculture and forestry).
Emo, because of its geographic location, serves as the main service center for the agricultural needs of the Rainy River District, and as an important service center for the tourist industry.

Emo is home for the Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society fall fair. This event held the third weekend in August each year offers a midway, grandstand competitions, agricultural displays and stock car races. This event is well-attended by area residents, as it
offers an opportunity to meet and converse with old friends and acquaintances from Northwestern Ontario.

Emo has in recent years started developing their waterfront. The effort is very impressive and definitely adds to the beauty of the charming village. Emo is just one stop on the "Historic Boundary Waterway" which links Rainy Lake to the Lake of the Woods. It is also a scenic stop on the "MOM's Way" (Manitoba-Ontario-Minnesota) route.

During the winter, the Borderland Snowmobile Association has established a strong organization which is a part of a network of several snowmobile clubs in the district. Many miles of groomed trails are provided by volunteers to a very enthusiastic group of snowmobiles that reside in the area and others who come as tourists.
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