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Rebirth of the buttsweat   
09:34pm 28/01/2004
mood: mac n cheez
blueicecreambaby: from what i hear emobuttsweat is becoming a cult classic at dakota
callmecheezcubes: your kidding
callmecheezcubes: we have to update it
callmecheezcubes: some guy from australia is a friend of ours
blueicecreambaby: kick ass
callmecheezcubes: holy fuck
blueicecreambaby: i think we should write in there way more now
callmecheezcubes: i feel the need to rebirth the buttsweat
blueicecreambaby: i think that should be the title
callmecheezcubes: I have a digital camera now too
callmecheezcubes: we can take those elitist emo hair over one eye pics!
callmecheezcubes: FUCK YES

brace yourselves girls and boys, the party is about to begin.

(7 Tears | Please Don't Cry, Emo Kid.)

12:22am 10/04/2003
mood: cranky
my throat feels like gun shots going through a wet tissue...

screw optimism...

(3 Tears | Please Don't Cry, Emo Kid.)

Emo will be the only thing left to save your soul.   
02:05pm 18/03/2003
mood: complacent
xyourxmyxbreath: whats up dudesta?
XxEmoSavesxX:nothing rocker
XxEmoSavesxX:just thinking about the end of the world
XxEmoSavesxX:because we are at war in under 48 hours, so I'm just thinking about all the death and terror, fear and wreckage that will take place all over the world until president bush leaves office.
XxEmoSavesxX:my love life sucks, I thought I had enough to cry about, but I guess not.

what if. . .

Act 1, Scene 1

Scene: Imaginary optimistic world. Saddamn and Bush are on the phone together discussing their plans to fool the world's public.
Saddamn:How do you want to freak them out now, georgie? This is hilarious!
Dubya:well, saddam, your such a nice guy, seriously one of my favorite people. . .in the world! I feel bad that everyone in america thinks you are satan. By the way, let's do lunch saturday in kuwait.
Saddamn:That sounds great. Chinese food maybe? It's okay, Dubya, the part of the villian is more dramatic and fun, maybe I'll get an oscar or something once the joke is up.
Dubya:No, this is what I'd call "reality television."
Saddamn:right, right. Speaking of reality television, who got booted off American Idol last night?

That is the last time you'll ever see the buttsweat work with optimism.

(3 Tears | Please Don't Cry, Emo Kid.)

Let the bands rejoice   
09:47pm 12/01/2003
mood: busy
You certainly cannot have a brilliant tear jerking emo band without a delightfully morbid emo name.

Our sound is like, indie-core noise, post-punk, pre-pop, sadistic-crying-core-hard-wave emo-metal with a twist. When we get our cool website up, you'll have to tell us what you think. But first, we need a name. Help!

This is all we've thought up so far. If you have any other ideas, leave em here, or AIM at: xWritexThexRainx, or also these screen names
xkissxthisxsky, xcandidxsighsx, xmakexformationx, xhelpxscoffx, . ..thanks!

So after taking into these considerations:

Emo band names like:
Obscure towns in the midwest
anything with words slightly retro or mod sounding
parts of the body, especially ones that like to get hurt or emotionally wrecked
cliches that are rewritten to sound upsetting or more depressingly true
anything about stars, hearts, hot, red, or days of the week or month
any "projects"
or two words that sound like they should've never been put together.
It also looks cooler to not capitalize anything that should be

With these ideas streaming through our minds, we've decided to name our emo band. . . .

here are the contestants
soap melodic
kiss me blindfolded
stanford prize patroll
we got two right now
dying in your arms
whatever happened to alan almond
random side note
your my breath (which is also a fantastic screen name: xyourxmyxbreath)
we bleed
Ride till dawn
wire rimmed spleen, (can also incorporate various body parts such as: elbow, patella, dimples, etc.)
what would you name it
the stars were my tears
the seperate constellation project
heart in the face of fear
so be it
west aptitude
jolly tearmen
disturbance of the faculty
55 miles to andover
Severed Tries
brave demise
manufactured commodity
wreckless realism
she can, though
Sunday's Weather
soiled tidings
burning july
those red strings
where you want to be
tear clear
oh so skillfully
forgive me
assault the brave
Smashing a holiday
admit peril
capturing candace
argyle heartbreak
Mid-West Sanction Project
second hand shoplifter
five finger heartache
dull nude steed
sweater front drive
i regret intelligence
shed help
ill humored suit
clip on overcoat
Eating Unknown
room to improve
avid attraction
hoagies for the homeless
starving nevada
the dover hamtime project
remind me thursday
heart over hide
the smell of
What Happened to Hector
one inch prick
scar seal
lowely fates
straighter forward
forgetting friday
all star lineup
great idea
they fought innocence
come on over
lest i tell lester
through the rain
liked your shoes forever
I hate yestarday
heart, head, to rio
The Greenstreet-bayou project
bountiful ailments
you are so much more
i tried today
left on the right
So skillfully maiden fair
frame my winter smile
heroic tragedy
help scoff
candid sigh
kiss the sky

*Tell the buttsweat what you think!


(7 Tears | Please Don't Cry, Emo Kid.)

All Is Right With The World In Emo Land   
07:54pm 11/01/2003
mood: content
What Kind of Emo Kid are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

You're Truly an Emo Kid. You go to as many shows as possible. You wear lots of striped shirts, sweaters, and cuffed jeans. You cry about how you don't have a signifigant other. You write meaningful lyrics or poetry. Cheer up, life doesn't suck that much.

Do we need a new background? Emobuttsweat needs your help . . .Should we stick to horn rimmed glasses, or venture to another emo department?

My Emoness is telling me to change the background to this beautiful hot rod circuit picture

title Baby, Maybe I should think to stay.


Emo: The Angry Pet Rock

(Please Don't Cry, Emo Kid.)

We Be Back in Iz-action   
05:26pm 10/01/2003
mood: cynical
Well, the time has come for all emo's to rejoice.

Wipe your tears, because. . .

The Emo Butt Sweat Is Back in Effect

For those of you that don't know who we be. . . consult the first livejournal entry.

*You know, now that we have revived EmoButtSweat for all of it's fans, Suzy and I will soon be once again getting our lives threatened by scary, over-sensitive emo kids daily.

Oh well, it's a life choice that we have decided to make, so if they want to threaten our lives, then we shall cry along with them.

Emo Story of The Day

Cry me a river. . .

Because I got lost in Meijer the other day. I sat in the dairy aisle for 6 days, crying, until the meat packager guy found me and helped me out by wiping the lactose from my lip and sending me on my way.

Some people are born leaders.

(Please Don't Cry, Emo Kid.)

02:48pm 22/03/2002
  I miss my partner in livejournal crime. I wish Liz would rejoin me in the emobuttsweat journal. *sigh*

Oh yeah...

Most of the things in here are sarcastic.

It's supposed to be funny.
But I guess its not...


But the first entry was good. Read that if you have any questions.

But, im sure you don't...


(2 Tears | Please Don't Cry, Emo Kid.)

I came here to do two things, kick some ass and drink some beer. Looks like we're almost outta beer.   
10:29pm 12/02/2002
mood: crappy
Valentines Day is quickly approaching.

I hope someone buys me some new razor blades.

Why not make my emotional pain shown on the outside??

Maybe I will go thrifting for a new argyle sweater to cover the scars.

Capitalist society...

(11 Tears | Please Don't Cry, Emo Kid.)

Stab my insides and eat them with a fork, please.   
05:31pm 10/02/2002
mood: depressed
To make it known....

Moulin Rouge is an awful movie, so is the unoriginal music.

Whoever agrees with it's ignorant plot has been jaded.

Whoever thinks love is like that has never had their heartbroken or stabbed in with a plastic spork, just to have someone watch and laugh. Whoever hasn't had that is lucky.

Whoever hasn't isn't cool, and emo.

It's happened to us, but we don't give a shit.

We don't need guys who will wear matching Argyle sweaters and take us to Hot Rod Circuit concerts. We don't need a guy to sing us acoustic Get Up Kids songs.

Fuck life....where is my prozac?

(2 Tears | Please Don't Cry, Emo Kid.)

Spell my name and slash my wrists...   
04:07pm 10/02/2002
mood: Slammed
So to all of you....

We wallow in our own self pity.

I am drinkin' some crys...

And yet, I still want to slash my wrists.

Maybe tommorrow at school I'll bring my mothers burbon and attempt to kill myself in the bathroom with a razor blade because no one likes me.

No one likes me because they can't see the real me.

They think I'm oversensitive.

Well I am.

Thats why I'm emo.

New Yorkers with squeaky breaks are emo too.

So is the 1977 dark green VW beetle I was supposed to have.

(1 Tear | Please Don't Cry, Emo Kid.)

04:17pm 09/02/2002
  I had a dream that I bought corduroy pants. I didn't try them on in the store. I took them home and tried them on. They were made out of that stupid stretch material. I started to cry...

Then I woke up...

How emo...

(Please Don't Cry, Emo Kid.)

"The roof is on fire, we don't need no water let the mutha fuc** burn..."   
12:53am 09/02/2002
mood: awake
blueicecreambaby: did I tell you I got cast in the musical?
ScreenMcName: wha???
blueicecreambaby: yeah im in the musical
ScreenMcName: like in real life??
blueicecreambaby: yah
ScreenMcName: ummmm...how did that happen?
blueicecreambaby: i asked if i could play the part, she said, sure youd be great
ScreenMcName: which part??
blueicecreambaby: im the roof
ScreenMcName: sweet!!
blueicecreambaby: yeah
ScreenMcName: thats my favorite part!
ScreenMcName: ya gotta have a strong head though
blueicecreambaby: i thought that part would have been taken for sure
ScreenMcName: to be fiddled on so long
ScreenMcName: you'd think, wouldn't ya?
blueicecreambaby: i figure i can build up my head strength before opening night
blueicecreambaby: doing exercises and whatnot
ScreenMcName: a lot of gum chewing should help
blueicecreambaby: yeah
blueicecreambaby: thats what she said

ScreenMcName: i mean, a freakin roof!
blueicecreambaby: seriously, im a roof
ScreenMcName: thats a lot of responsibility
blueicecreambaby: not many people can say they held up the fiddler
ScreenMcName: thats what i'm sayin
ScreenMcName: your certainly in a minority

(Please Don't Cry, Emo Kid.)

Welcome to the town that you will paint Argyle...   
12:26am 09/02/2002
mood: rejected
Ahhhhh....home sweet home...

The Township of Emo is located in Lash Township, Ontario, along the Rainy River, directly north of the state of Minnesota.

The closest bridge connecting the two countries is located at Fort Frances, which is approximately 30 minutes from Emo. Another international bridge is located in Rainy River, approximately 40 minutes west from Emo.

Emo provides a full range of services including a school, hospital, library, bank, medical & dental clinics, recreation centre, commerce and waterfront development to the growing, dynamic community. This provides a desirable atmosphere for individuals employed in other industries outside of Emo, but wanting to live in a rural environment.

The Township of Emo's existence is based on natural resources (agriculture and forestry).
Emo, because of its geographic location, serves as the main service center for the agricultural needs of the Rainy River District, and as an important service center for the tourist industry.

Emo is home for the Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society fall fair. This event held the third weekend in August each year offers a midway, grandstand competitions, agricultural displays and stock car races. This event is well-attended by area residents, as it
offers an opportunity to meet and converse with old friends and acquaintances from Northwestern Ontario.

Emo has in recent years started developing their waterfront. The effort is very impressive and definitely adds to the beauty of the charming village. Emo is just one stop on the "Historic Boundary Waterway" which links Rainy Lake to the Lake of the Woods. It is also a scenic stop on the "MOM's Way" (Manitoba-Ontario-Minnesota) route.

During the winter, the Borderland Snowmobile Association has established a strong organization which is a part of a network of several snowmobile clubs in the district. Many miles of groomed trails are provided by volunteers to a very enthusiastic group of snowmobiles that reside in the area and others who come as tourists.

(Please Don't Cry, Emo Kid.)

Change my name to Charity please...   
12:07am 09/02/2002
  TheJolliLlama: ok now that crack about sushi and the lumina was just uncalled for
callmecheezcubes: hey it was suzys idea
callmecheezcubes: your car is pretty emo
callmecheezcubes: and sushi is one of those weird noah things
TheJolliLlama: right
callmecheezcubes: swear!
TheJolliLlama: fuck
TheJolliLlama: how's that?
callmecheezcubes: ?
callmecheezcubes: no.

(Please Don't Cry, Emo Kid.)

Please tell me that this is not a dream...   
11:47pm 08/02/2002
mood: accomplished
Yeah, so today I was at the coffee house chilling with Charity, Eli, and Noah, when all the sudden these guys and a chick come up to us.

Then I fucking Realized . . .


WOW. Is all I can say to myself.

So I begin to weep and it gets all in my mocha latte, because I'm too nervous to drink expressos...

But I don't mind, because I like the taste of coffee and tears.

It reminds me of my childhood when my parents used to never talk and take endless cruises to the bahamas without me.

So that takes me back to my story.

I was like, "uhhh...hey I really like you guys. All things ordinary is one of my favorites" which is so phatty that I said that because it was in my head as I tried to conjure up the perfect selection of vocabulary and deeply profound sayings to spout.

I eventually came up with nothing at all.

So they nodded, and walked away.

It was probably the single greatest experience of my life.

I think they really liked my original style. I mean, my thrift store shirts are obscure, not like those other pansies.

Wait....I am a pansy.

Did I also mention that I'm a compulsive liar?

(5 Tears | Please Don't Cry, Emo Kid.)

Word to your mother, ahh to hell with your mother...   
08:05pm 08/02/2002
mood: annoyed
This is Suzy, the dark haired one.

I haven't had coffee in almost a week.
I want to cry...

I wanted to add something to the "You know you're emo when..." list.

But I forgot it...

Wait I remember now...

You know you're emo when you wear thick plastic rimmed glasses in oblong or square shapes, so you can feel a little bit more artistic than all those people who wear contacts. And people always ask you if they are real while you think, hmm this would be a great idea for a song...

I'm sorry...

(Please Don't Cry, Emo Kid.)

You know you're Emo when...   
03:48pm 08/02/2002
mood: gloomy
Hello Emos and Emoettes.

We're Liz and Suzy. We both have Livjournal Names....and we are both better than you.

Countesschocula "http://www.livejournal.com/users/countesschocula"

Thats suzy. She's got dark hair with a heart to match.

I'm Callmecheezcube

Thats me. The one with the blonde hair. But don't expect me to be perky because I'd rather bite your head off with my molars and eat your insides with a spork.....then cry about it later.

We both cry.

We both have therapists. They aren't working.

So, supposedly we are Emo.

Why? Well....

*Liz is Emo because of the destruction caused by her family at an early age.

*Suzy is Emo because of those damn pink rimmed glasses in the third grade that she never got over. ( And the mullet.)

Liz never had a mullet. She was chubby though.

So....you think your emo, right?

Well, if you match up to any of these annoying cliched statements, you probably are.

And we are terribly sorry about that.


~You own Courdroy pants, a thrift store shirt that says, "Miss Mulligan's 5th Grade Class", and a pair of Dickies....and that's what you wear everyday of your damn life.

~They find you huddled in the corner of the potato chip aisle of the local supermarket after being declared missing for 3 days, and your explaination is that, "You were thinking about your ex-girlfriend, got lost, and were afraid to ask for directions."

~You go to "shows" of really shitty whiney bands to escape the "pressure" of daily life.

~You write poetry that has to do with your heart bleeding and miscellaneous midwest towns.

~Your famous for saying, "Please, Don't Yell..." in a soft tone after the person told you, "Yeah, the bathrooms down on the left side of the hallway."

~You are vegitarian because, "animals have feelings too."

~You drive a Lumina, Oldsmobile, K-Car, or Escort in either blue or old people gold.

~You walk pigieon-toed sticking your skinny little chest out.

~Your name is noah, lucas, eli, or stu.

~You name is charity, Becca, or Jane.

~You would get gas, but you have no money, and working at McDonalds is too social, and destracts you from your everyday poetic introspection.

~Your day isn't complete without tears.

~You crave the taste of tears more than chocolate, sushi, or rasin bran.

~You eat sushi, tofu, or all natural granola.

~You own two or more livejournals. One for feelings and introspective, One for emotions and retrospective.

~You end your entry because you have that craving to cry.

(1 Tear | Please Don't Cry, Emo Kid.)